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22 May 2013 @ 07:02 am
Voodoo Doll  
So I have been thinking about my various aches and pains and doing some research on-line. I am starting to lean towards voodoo doll syndrome as a possible prognosis for my various afflictions. Most medical professionals would dismiss this theory and tell me that my weight is the largest factor affecting my joints and increasing the complications associated with my diabetes. I have put much thought into this and I am wondering if the person who made the voodoo doll of me put too much stuffing inside and that caused my weight gain in the first place. The pain in my back and knees and feet could be the usual pin-cushion effect you see in movies so my whole unhappy existence could just be the work of some evil fuck who feels I wronged him or her along the way. Come on, it's as good a theory as anything else. ;)

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